About Us

Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts is a boutique Seattle based business specializing in women’s gift basket collections and custom gift basket design services.

We began creating our teacup gift baskets in 2009 as a community-based project for women newly diagnosed with cancer. We donate the baskets to local area hospitals to distribute to cancer patients.

It started as a humble labor of love for our founder, Nancy Parker, a breast cancer survivor herself.

While receiving chemotherapy infusions at Virginia Mason Cancer Institute, Nancy was routinely served hot tea in Styrofoam cups.

One day during therapy she had a meltdown and determined that while she was going through the most emotionally draining and vulnerable time in her life she at least wanted (and deserved) a pretty cup to drink her tea and she created the first healing basket for herself. It contained an English bone china teacup and saucer, a tin of organic ginger tea, a writing journal and a tube of organic hand cream.

Reaction to her basket was overwhelmingly positive so Nancy made-up additional baskets and presented them to the women in her cancer support group. The ladies loved them and a community-based project was started.

Today, our teacup gift baskets continue to be donated to local hospital’s through patient navigators or social workers. Due to the number of requests we receive to purchase baskets, a full-time business was launched. Our gift baskets are now available to customers who want to give a beautiful Cup of Hope to a beloved family member or friend.

Every woman loves pretty things. Our founder Nancy Parker once said, “Giving something pretty, tangible and lasting to a woman at the beginning of a difficult journey is a simple but meaningful act. It says you are not alone and that you can find comfort as you travel this road.” At Cup of Hope Baskets and Gifts we are proud to offer pretty gift basket collections to encourage, give thanks, and cheer on.